The Sentia – Koala House Community Together Towards a Place of Love

Since the announcement of the school construction project for the academic year 2023-2024, the SenTia – Koala House community has been actively implementing vibrant fundraising activities.
During this period, “Ban Tay Nho” Fund has received Support through various activities:
💌 Extracting funds from Gio Dau Mua 2023 event sponsors: DNSE Securities Joint Stock Company, VPBank.
💌 Support from stalls participating in the Gio Dau Mua 2023 handmade craft fair.
💌 Fundraising football tournaments by high school students.
💌 The “Ban Tay Nho” Fund Ambassadors participate in fundraising sales at school events.
💌 Collaborative contributions from parents, SenTia – Koala House students, and business clubs,…
The community has chosen Sin Chai for the new school construction project, which is part of the residential school of Trinh Tuong, Bat Xat district, Lao Cai province. Teaming up with the Power 2000 project and “Nuoi em” ecosystem, the SenTia – Koala House community aims to build two new classrooms and provide professional Support, teaching, and learning materials, equipment, etc., for the school.
True to its mission, the “Ban Tay Nho” Fund contributes to improving the quality of education in disadvantaged areas through school and community resources and focuses on nurturing values such as Care, community spirit, responsibility, and social skills in students.